Guadalupe Laiz is a Fine Art Photographer born and raised in Argentina based in Aspen CO.  Her real educations started after attending Art School with a degree in Photography. 

Guadalupe's main focus for these past four years has been a photography book of Icelandic Horses. 

After photographing city scapes for the last three years for Yellow Korner in Paris she decided to spent time in a more isolated place, Iceland. She found her way there inspired by songs and musicians who had kept her company through the years.  

Guadalupe felt an instant connections with the Icelandic Land, the people and their horses. Her latest project is about discovery of self, of beauty and gentleness and of how these attributes lead one to a state of humble gratefulness. 





Recent Exhibitions:

NUGETTS GALLERY,  exhibit: Buddy Program (2014) Aspen, CO, USA

MCHUGH GALLERY, exhibit: Paris (2015) Aspen, CO, USA

YELLOW KORNER, exhibit: Paris, London, Germany, Portugal, Prague, NY, California. (2016-2020)

CHA CHA GALLERY, exhibit: Paris  (2016) Aspen, CO, USA

RED BRICK CENTERS FOR THE ARTS, exhibit: Structures (2016) ASPEN CO, USA

212 GALLERY, exhibit: city skapes  (2016) Aspen CO, USA

ART FESTIVAL  (June 23th - 24th 2016) Aspen CO, USA

ART FESTIVAL  (2017) Aspen Co, USA

ROARING FOR CLUB, (2017), Basalt, CO

Neskapstadur through my lens October 12th 2018, Neskapstadur, Iceland  

BIRD NEST GALLERY, "Ether" February 2018, Aspen CO

MAKER & PLACE, 2018 Aspen CO 

Art Expo New York [Emerging SOLO fine Art photographer] April 18th-22th 2018

Art Basel Switzerland |  June 14th to June 17th 2018

Art Market Hamptons | July 5th to July 8th 2018

Art Expo Santa Fe NM | July 12th to July 15th 2018

The Cottage Aspen | 301 E Hopkins Ave |  June 12th through September  2018


***Iceland Show coming up October 2018***