PROCO360 Podcast

July 29, 2021

“Once a year I do an episode in which I feature three rising entrepreneurs with businesses and styles that I really like. I had intended that Guadalupe Laiz would be one segment of this episode. I became captivated with her work, her business one that I’ve been so curious about, and her story so heartwarming, that I decided to make it a standalone episode. I met Guadalupe in Aspen when Cheryl and I were drawn into her gallery. Honestly, her photos took my breath away. You can see them on her website and of course at her gallery. Watch for the “rising entrepreneurs” episode later this year.”

-Dave Tabor, Host of PROCO360 Podcast

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Getting the Perfect Shot

August 23, 2021

Dr. Jim Hoven visits with photographer Guadalupe Laiz and discusses her travels across the world; from photographing wild horses in Iceland to elephants on the plains of Africa.

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