Summer in Iceland

Michael Gervais insights are helping a lot these days. Back in Iceland for the Summer in the rainiest summer yet, as the Icelandic community describes. I have been spending the last week with some amazing locals from all backgrounds that share the passion for the Icelandic Horse. 

These are the moments that money can't buy, somebody open their door and you go all in:  getting to know their values, how proud they are to be Icelandic, how they respect and take care of each other are some of the great things I take away from having the great opportunity to spend time with them. 

Alone a more personal though, as I conclude my travels to these land for the book, I think and look back:

People talk about “becoming” and “being” your best.

What is someone’s “best?” Seriously, what is your “best?” It’s incredibly difficult to get your arms around it, partly because it’s a moving target that is influenced by dynamically moving components: your current skill, your world-view and the environmental conditions.

Speaking for myself, I'm challenging my days trying to put myself in the best situations I can reach to create the best photos I can for my project "Horses of Iceland". I have giving myself, literarily, 5 more days to finish photographing for a 4 year journey traveling to Iceland to photograph the Icelandic Horse, and of course, the question is always there: 

Am I doing my best? have I giving my best? Could I have done something differently, better, smarter, faster? I think we all question ourselves as we develop and train our craft, no matte what it might be. 

As I am waiting to go photograph with a local farm in South Iceland I ask myself these questions and I don't have the answers for them now, that's the beauty of it, you learn in the DOING not in the thinking. 

So I guess, the message is GO DO, whatever it is that makes you tick inside, go do that, and then go do it some more.