Think about, and create, exactly what you like

As I'm working on getting my photography workshops together I will be sending out some tips for anyone interested in photography that wants to start thinking about how to stay away from doing snap shots with their phones and take any camera and just practice and learn!

Photography advise of the day:

Think about, and create, exactly what you like.

Intimate work is what makes great art. Think about ideas and subjects that you are passionate about, and explore them!!! Create nuanced work, and don’t be afraid if people don’t understand it right away. They probably won’t at first. Particularly if you are showing your work on the Internet, people scan so quickly, and they usually respond to what pops out at them in the most obvious way. Nuanced, thoughtful, and intimate work might not catch their eye right away. Experiment with this type of work and forget about how people might react to it.

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