I have a destiny, I can't be trapped in here
These are no bars of steel, they're made of fear and doubt
and I've spent all this time wondering what life was like
on the other side and now I'm breaking up

cause I am choosing love now
I am choosing love now
cause only love is real

now that I've chosen, I know I must persist
'70 of lovely stories' cause I must assist
reasons rise to greet the day
they kiss your skin and you were sparkling
and we are flying high destination is inside
soon the night will fall but there will still be love
for you I am shinning bright now,
you are shinning bright now
you were sent to me to guide me you came from the stars
you're the brightest of them all

now that I have found you, I can find some rest
I've been feeling tired, for the burden on my chest
but all the weight has dropped now, knowing you exist
but hold the door open for me, I simply can't resist
I cannot just walk through, find out what's inside
Your heart is an ocean as deep as it is wide
I wanna be cradled by you carry the way it seems
to the bottom of the mystery of it
to find out everything there is to know about a love
That was made in heaven and blessed
this chamber of my hearts' been emptied now
you're it's specials guest

I am choosing you now :)