My Surreal experience of a Black Bear sniffing me while passing by

Riding my bike in Aspen CO I encounter this Bear coming right in front of me, as soon as I saw him I stopped and got off my bike, as I stood still he sniffed me while passing and kept on walking. 
Amazing experience. 
I'm a photographer, I observe people's behaviors and the world in general.
I had approximately 50 text from people that I know and some that I don't shearing with me their thoughts of what I should had done in that situation.
I have thought about it afterwords and I realized that I just did what it felt natural to me at that moment in that situation.
I was coming riding my back so I was also trying to catch my breath. Everything also happened very fast and I'm grateful for trusting my instincts, being compose and having a sense of calm. 
Interestingly enough that very same day I saw two Bears in the morning hiking Smuggler in Aspen Co, and I did not get close to them. I think that we can all leacture or tell others what's wrong and what right but at the end of the day I think that in my life I have been wrong as much as I been right and I try to walk by faith and not by sigh and follow my instincts as much as I can. 

Love life and it will keep you warm.