I feel like lots of things had happened between Christmas in Argentina; winter and the beautiful  snow in Aspen Co, and Spring time, which it has been an interesting time jumping back and forth from tropical beaches, back to the snow,  to the Big Apple and right back where I started again. 

All these changes that I'm seeking for feel more real than ever, maybe they are not substantial yet, but as all things, they all start from with in. The seed has been growing quietly, slowly and study and even though maybe not all of these time, which required patience and tenacity, has been easy, I'm very exited to see it flourish and become part of a new chapter in my life; a chapter that it will also need some refining, until, eventually, it will also adapt and be replace by something new. 

From winter to Spring I have been working on lots of personal photography project, some are farther ahead and others seem like just a sketch. All of them are becoming possible by believing in my work, being proud of it, knowing that with time it will keep improving and most importantly being able  to embrace where it is right now at this moment in my life. 


Guadalupe Laiz.

‘Walk by faith and not by sight, and
Keep your heavy heart afloat.
You are a timber carved by knife, but
Someday you may serve as a boat.’

You are strong enough,
For all you’ll ever have to face,
The only map you need is Love,
To guide you through this illusion of a maze.’

words from my dear friend Marketa Irglova.