I’m very excited about my new web site that I'm working on, which is just coming to life and it is very much in progress. The reason to make a new web site was CHANGE. All the changes that are happening in my life drove me to refresh my work. Even though the changes I perceive in me are more abstract than substantial, that’s ok for now.

As we embrace and comprehend the changes that human nature bring us, it is important to find their meaning and help them grow within us. I’m working on creating that space in my life to let the new and unknown become part of all the already familiar, hoping that the work themes will take solace from the smallness of individual concerns when contrasted with the scale of the universe.

 All this work that is very much in progress is the result, of a process of growing up, of “going through difficult times and getting lost and feeling left alone to find a way back. Turning to something – or someone – bigger than me to make some sense of things that did not make sense at all. Feeling encouraged to zoom out and widen the lens through which I look at the world – from personal to worldwide to eventually universal. It is much easier to feel victimized when living in the micro-cosmos of our personal dramas. But once we open our minds to the macro-cosmos that we are part of, the issues that seemed so big start to seem small, and that is the beginning of us rising above them and changing our lives for the better.