Bio & Contact

Guadalupe Laiz

Guadalupe Laiz is an international artist, photographer and explorer born and raised in Argentina. She moved to the US aspiring to start her career as a photographer at a young age.

Guadalupe’s focus for the last ten years has been an extensive body of work capturing the beauty and uniqueness of the indigenous horses in the country of Iceland, a country that has touched her deeply and she continues to visit. 

 Her first book was published by TeNeues in 2019. She is now working on two different projects, one photographing African Elephants named “Among the Living” as well as a second project in Iceland.

Guadalupe has partnered with various global non-profits involved with environmental issues and the prevention of wildlife poaching in Africa such as Save Giraffes Now and Save the Elephants as well as ones dedicated to humanitarian work such as 4Africa in South Sudan and North Uganda.

Driven by the belief that art and beauty transform how people think about conservation and nature, she focuses on the environment and animals that are pure and gentle by their very nature. Guadalupe’s efforts are to communicate through her art the importance of animal abuse awareness, environmental issues and the relevance of educating all generations to make conscious lifestyle decisions to protect our planet.


Whether you need images for your business or the perfect new piece for your home, Guadalupe can help!