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We recently had our second Silent Auction for Save the Giraffes in my Gallery in Aspen CO.

We want to thank you for your engagement and generosity to help us be a small  platform for  Save Giraffes Now team to continue to do their amazing work.

  The “silent extinction” of giraffes is being addressed by SGN’s quick action to protect from present and future dangers.  Having completed the renowned giraffe rescue project in Kenya, we are honored to have the support from you and many others.

Because of early successes, SGN is making great strides in nine countries across Africa.  In only two years of existence with twenty projects in the works, we are already the second largest giraffe conservancy gro

up in the world.  From providing watchtowers and paying rangers to snuff out poachers to creating wildlife corridors and giraffe orphanages – we are active with immediate solutions.

Please follow Save Giraffes Now on social media, share their mission with your friends and stay tuned for happy giraffe news to come.  We are grateful for your support.

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