Recent Trip to Kenya, Fall of 2020

Isolation is a spontaneous body of work that came to life while other long term plans of visiting Antartica and Svalbard felt apart.
‘Isolation’ is about love, love for yourself and love for the planet. It’s about having time to reflect and look within, learn more about oneself, being patient to be still and present for the ones around you, while at the same time relearning how to be better to our planet earth. It is about rediscovering what ultimately is the only driving force.



From Left to right

‘We are alone now’, this Lion and I spent a whole day together.

‘Heaven’, coming back to Camp on Massai Mara I encounter this giraffes on a little Hill, it couldn’t be more perfect.

‘The Servers’ was the photo I was seeking for on this trip, looking for herds of Elephants left and right while finishing my next project ‘For the Elephants’ a series of images that it’s finally taking shape and will be out in the world in the next year.



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